Monday, October 27, 2008

Writer's Block hath no fury like a... Oh forget it.

I had determined that my next post would be a creative response to one of my many writing exercises. But, alas! Wedneday last week I was hit with a stomach virus. Saturday was the worst - in fact, I haven't been so sick in a long time. But, alley-oop and all that.

I don't know about any of you, but I just cannot write while I'm sick. Something to do with being emotionally as well as physically deflated. I have a story I'm trying to mold together right now. But, more about that later.

But, now that the demon named Virus is being beaten down and my mind is quenching its thirst, I had a story idea that just might be worth fleshing out.

Have you heard of taste aversion? Here's the Wikipedia link (I just love Wikipedia - it doesn't have to be true for a fiction writer, ;D) for it:

It's when your mind associates something with throwing up... and since I was on the verge of throwing my head in the toilet the past few days, I felt this relevant.

My idea is this: a young writer becomes very ill. Thinking she'll/he'll take advantage of being home from school/work and write, she returns time and time again to her computer to try to write.

Unfortunately, her head is in a daze, she gets dizzy at every attempt, and she has to make several trips to the restroom to... ahem, relieve her stomach.

When she recovers, she goes to write again, but finds that she gets sick when she tries to write.

I'll have to spend some more time with this. But, first I want to finish (including start) Bedhead, my next short story.

Hope I didn't make anyone sick! Ja ne!

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