Sunday, May 24, 2009

To a Dear Love...

I wrote this the other night. I thank God for letting me write my first poem in a long time through worshiping Him.

What words have not been spoken to You?
What have You not heard?
What offering could be offered
As a new addition to your trove?
One not like any other ever made
Uniquely pieced together
Beyond faulty place or craftsmanship
A mark of ink on an ordinary whiteness,
Is there anything so complex
So extraordinary
A word never tasted
A compliment never shared.
Could I be that burnt offering?
A fragrance on an alter
Is my design, a relationship with the Father
Like a song in a court, like alleigiance
Before a flag
No other praise as I am, made individual
By the One deserving praise has
Ever been offered to Your feet
Until I now lay me down.

This is my something to say for today. Nothing we can say or give to God is trully unique because we are sorry craftsmen compared to Him. But, we ourselves are beautiful works of God - the God Who is able to create with perfect plan and purpose. Therefore, we should lay ourselves down as sacrifices to a worthy creator.

Good day and God bless.