Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Opening couple paragraph of my newest story

Most kids run away to the circus, but my daddy drove me there.
He hits me hard in the eye with his right hook. Then in the gut. I flop around in the air like a rag doll. I let my brown puke splash where it may. I keep trying to ground my feet, but Boomer is fast. He keeps punching my cheeks and I wonder if he likes the way they feel, the way they mash under his paws real soft and cold. I always picture my spit flying out my mouth slow motion. It’s my mouth moves most when the kangaroo beats me.
My daddy had raised Boomer from a joey to be a boxer with the intent to sell him to a circus. He found one: THE Amazing Augusta Alcott All-something Circus. That was the way I first heard it. Daddy talks to the ringleader, Ms. Gussy, while I unload Boomer. I get him in the room-sized cage. He fights back hard today. But I can fight hard, too. I’ve won a few times against him. But he fights back hard today.
I can’t see out my left eye and I feel my nose clot up. I throw up my arms around my face. A few blows thump my head down then me down. His long dirty foot kicks me and I slide to a stop in the dirt on the metal floor. I lick the blood off my teeth before I black out. When I wake up, my daddy has left Boomer to the circus. And left me too.

This is the beginning few paragraphs of my newest story. It's about a girl between 9 and 10 whose dad has sold a boxing kangaroo to a circus and thrown her in as a bonus. Her name's Beneficence "Benny" O'Kelly. She becomes an "animal wrestler" for an all-child circus, where she also wrestles hardship and poverty.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Writing Pet Peeve

Author vs. Title
I hate when the author's name is in bigger font than the title. Most of Stephen King's books are this way and it happens on romance novels, too. It makes you wonder what the authors think of themselves and their writing.
This is especially irritating when the title is a character's name. For anyone who doesn't know the author, it too easy to mix them up. I've spent a lot of energy trying to figure it out. (Which is kind of pathetic.)

Thank you for reading my rant, ^^