Friday, April 17, 2009

3rd, I'm like the Lion of Oz!

My short story, The Panda who had Lice, won 3rd place in my college's Genesis Fiction Contest! Looking through my post labels, I see I've never talked about this story before. I was sure that I had... tell me if this sounds familiar:

Anko Chiba was voted to be the Carrier for her class because the girls were jealous of her beautiful hair. The Carrier is a student that must bear the collective lice for her classmates. One day she come to class with her hair hacked short. This is also the day that Yamashita Hiro, a depressed little boy, transfers to the school from America. After his first day, the class has already targeted him to be the next Carrier.

I'm so happy that I won 3rd place! On the 28th the English Department is going to honor the winner at a sort brunch/ceremony.

Honestly, I knew that the story's writing was a little weak. I'm afraid it might have won from the merit of its concept. I'm not completely sure how to feel about that. Maybe I'm doubting for no reason, but I doubt it.