Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's in your hand?

Today in chapel, I took my pen out to write down the name of the songs we were singing. (It's All for You" and "God of Justice.") I didn't have any paper, so I kept my pen in my hand. It just feels natural that way. It fits in my hand somehow.
The speaker came up and asked up what was in our hands. My pen. He said some of us had cellphones. Some had homework out. Some were holding hands with their "boo." Everyone laughed. Then he said, "... by the end of my message I want you to know that what you have in your hand is precious."
Wow, I thought. Precious. Then he went on to about how what we had was important to God because He would use it in His power.
I got so happy! I thought, it's true then, I'm meant to write. It meant so much to me.