Friday, October 31, 2008

What I Almost Missed is Great News!

Yesterday I was going through my email, looking for the workshop guide attatchment my professor sent us a couple weeks ago. As I sifted through my "Read" pile I noticed a email titled "Literary Magazine."

I had sent in two short stories to my university literary magazine about two months ago and had been wondering when I would hear news of my rejection or acceptance.

I have no idea how that email got into the "Read" pile. I suspect my Mom read it and forgot to tell me about it. But it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter because... one of my stories was accepted!

"In the Belly of the Whale" - a modern Jonah tale - about two subway passengers, stranded below the city when the train breaks down at 3 a.m. They can't help but bicker in the blindness. Each has something that can't work without the other, but are not willing to give it up. The chain-smoking young writer and the crusty old security guard eventually address where they are going when The Whale finally spits them up.

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