Friday, October 17, 2008

I'd Never Let those Kids Plan my Future

Wednesday night I had my AWANAs Trek group do a simple (writing, although they didn't know it) excercise. It was a blast! What you do is divide them into partners. The partners should know each other pretty well or it won't be as funny. Each person writes their partner's future.

You see where I'm going here?

For those who aren't familiar with AWANAs, Trek is made up of 6-8th graders - and if you know anything about 6-8th graders, you know that they are so social and love to have fun.

Mix a room of social, funlovers with thoughts of each other's futures and there are tons of possibilities.

We have one set of siblings. The brother sent his sister to prison. We have a boyfriend/girfriend pair. They got married. We had two BFFs. They gave made each other pop stars with 15 cars. Another boy made his partner work at Burger King, earning $2/hour.

"Ah, all the things you can think!"

- That's what I wanted to say to them.

Nobody planned my future. We had 10 kids, so everything was nice and even. Still, I wonder what they would have written. You never know with these kids. Considering the all the children they gave each other and the crummy jobs and going to prison for life, maybe it's better that they didn't. ; )

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