Monday, September 29, 2008

A Love Letter from God - Rewriting Ephesians 1:3-14

I'm currently following a study on Ephesians in my church's discipleship training hour. I took the class because I'm working on a story and one of the characters is named Ephesus - I want to give him the characteristics of the Ephesian church.

The story is slow in developing because it's on the back burner right now. It's a story about a certain church that Jesus Himself visits and stays with for a while. The story is told through a compilation of first-hand accounts of the members of the church. Ephesus is the young preacher/secret drug addict that pastors the church.

That's not what I want to write about in this post, though, ^^

The teacher of the class, Marje, had each of us read Ephesians 1:1-14 and rewrite it as a letter from God to them. (I was working with the New King James Version, by the way.) Here is God's love letter to me:

Dear Emily,

I'm sending you My grace and peace and every spiritual blessing there is in Heaven.

I want you to know that before I began making the world I chose you to be perfect, that no one could look on you as trash or a mistake. Before the earth, you were My daughter and you are My daughter now because I wanted you to be with me.

Through My son, the Beloved, you are given an invitation to be clean, through His blood. My grace will wash over you in abundance as will my wisdom over your mind.

There is a life I have planned for you according to My delight that will bring all things in earth and Heaven together in Christ. This is your inheritence.

Know that I work my hands in all things and there is no one who stands against mee and prevails, especially not in attempt to hurt you. So, trust in Me, and in Jesus as you have ever since you heard the truth He spoke to you.

Praise Me and be with Me. Know that you are sealed to Me through the Holy Spirit. Consider His presence proof of the promise I have made between us. If you forget, He will remind you of the inheritence waiting for you.

Stay close to Me,
Dear Love
P.S. I am only as far as you push Me
I encourage you to try rewriting scripture as a letter from God, so that you will feel close to Him. For it is to stay close to God that we live. (Deutoronomy 30:20) You may choose any scripture because the Word is God-breathed, it all comes from Him.
Peace be you.

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