Friday, September 26, 2008

Something to Say and the Lie that tells the Truth

There is a song by Suzanne Jennings that says:

"You've never lived til the words become true
Til forgiveness and mercy mean something to you
And you've never cried til the tears come from faith
You've never lived til you have something to say."
Through everything we go through on this earth, in all the garbage we wade through, in flying through the clear blue sky, God is teaching us to have a testimony. He put us on the earth to live and "tell each other the truth," (Ephesians 4:25).
As for me, God made me a writer. As a writer, I tell the truth through my stories. I'm fiction writer, though. My stories haven't happened in real life - and probably never could. (I write magical realism; sometimes I call it spiritual realism.) A child may ask, "Doesn't that make it a lie?"
Perhaps. But, just because the charcters I create aren't real, that doesn't mean God can't use them to tell the truth. So, I give Him my paper and He give me my purpose. I give Him my characters and He gives me their life. I give Him my stories and He gives me my truth. Theses stories are lies that tell the world the truth.

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