Friday, January 16, 2009

Writer's Pet Peeves I

As writers are some of the most eccentric people on the planet, I thought it would be fun to share some of my pet peeves about writing.

1. Titles of writing.
I can't stand one word titles. They annoy me. It seems that it's becoming a fad to have a one words title - it's supposed to be dramatic or forceful. I hate it.
I have to come up with at least a two-word title when I write. And if I absolutely have to have one word (whatever that means) it should have at least 2-3 syllables.

Does this make sense? No. Does it irritate me anyway? Yes.

I think all writers are born with Lingua Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If I consider something to be understood, I don't say it. And I never repeat myself. Those are skills I've learned because I'm a writer. That's also why I'm a terrible teacher.

Another pet peeve I have doesn't have to do with writing per se, but with language.

2. I hate when I say something to someone and they say, "maybe." It makes my bones shake. They don't realize it, but it's rather rude.

3. "Very hilarious." ... "Pretty delicious." What do these mean? Either something the best or it's not. It can't be "very" the best or "kind of" the best. The best is the best.

Agh! So irritating.
Tune in for more pet peeves and please respond with some of your own language pet peeves.

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